Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  I thought I’d post this now in case things were too crazy to get to the computer tomorrow.

Eat, be merry and may presents be full of stuff you wanted.

Reindeer and railguns,

Final tweaks

I really didn’t expect it to take me all day (and most of the night) to polish up the website a bit.  I guess it did take me a really long time to consolidate all my lyrics.

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Lyrics page is up

I took some time today and copied and or transcribed all the [U-D-R] lyrics I could find.  So if there’s any question of what I was babbling about, let it be clear now.

With a few exceptions: Read More

Blogspot archive

If anyone is interested in reading back through the years of rambling I did on the old news blog, you can find a link to it here:

Old News Blog

Cupcakes and Kerosine,

[U-D-R] online v.7

[U-D-R]’s new wordpress website is now partially operational.  The uberlaut.com parent / portal  site is fully operational at this time.  Look for more updates soon!

Vindication and Volkswagens,