[U-D-R] is still around here somewhere. Just checking in, various parts of the website might be wonky for the time being.

I’m still trying to motivate myself to finish up the Cut-Zero album, which will either be good or horrible, not sure which yet ūüėČ

Life is being life and I’ve lost my handle on it over the past 3-4 years. I’m still trying to get back on the horse.


Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again and time is flying by faster than I expected.

I’m on vacation / visiting home / job hunting in Tucson, AZ and my studio is mostly packed away for my impending move. ¬†I do want to give you guys something for the holidays. ¬†While I don’t have anything new to offer up yet, I’m going to offer Cantonment (LE) from now through Jan 1st, as a name your price (including free) download on bandcamp.


Aphrodite and Afflacenogem,

Back in Tucson

Heya everyone.

I’m back in my old hometown. ¬†Tucson, Arizona.

It’ll be about a month and a half before I get the studio set up again. ¬†After that, it’s back to work on the new album.