Back in Tucson

Heya everyone.

I’m back in my old hometown.  Tucson, Arizona.

It’ll be about a month and a half before I get the studio set up again.  After that, it’s back to work on the new album.



Website revamp

Hello everyone,

After getting my newsletters and the new contact form set up, I couldn’t help but notice the site was looking a little rough around the edges. Read More


This is a year I’m looking forward to.


Leæther and lacerations,

Fall 2013

Hello everyone!

News has been a bit slow lately.  I’m currently still working hard on the Cut Zero album.   I’m planning to have it completed later this year (which is approaching faster than I thought). Read More

[U-D-R] back catalog

The back catalog is now up.  All of the published work by [U-D-R] is now available for sale on Bandcamp.

This includes Biofilter, Core, End of Entropy, Exile, Music of the Realm, Version 4, Cantonment, Cantonized, Cease Fire (single) and Cantonment (Limited Edition).  If you’ve been looking for any of these old albums, they’re all ready to download in your choice of formats and have had a touch of remastering as well.

I am currently running a raffle for some free download codes as a Rafflecopter giveaway.  Follow the link for ways to enter and win.  This is the first time I’m using this service, so if you have any trouble, let me know.


Version 4

Version 4, [U-D-R]’s 3rd album from 2000 that was never released, is now available for preview on Soundcloud.

Like, share and enjoy!


The entire [U-D-R] back catalog is available on Bandcamp.

Relics 2 – More rough mixes

I started working on a few more tracks for Relics 2.  I’m still messing around with the instrumentation and continuing to realize that some of my old music doesn’t translate well off the QS6.

[soundcloud][/soundcloud] Read More