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A collection of unreleased material as well as remixed and remastered [U-D-R] classics.

A journey through war, loss and resistance to the growing oppression on the horizon.  Will you fight or will you submit.

[U-D-R]’s ‘re-debut’ album is now available at many online retailers.

[U-D-R] – ‘Cantonment’

  • 1 Tainted (everything mix)
  • 2 Enemy
  • 3 Last Chance (anti-nation mix)
  • 4 State of Oppression
  • 5 Cleanse the Sun (club mix)
  • 6 Song for the Dead (baghdad mix)
  • 7 War-bringer
  • 8 Tainted (tortured mix)
  • 9 Song for the Dead (redeployment mix)


All music & lyrics Copyright 1996-2011 A. Finfrock